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Installing SciPy and NumPy on Elementary OS

A guide to installing SciPy and NumPy on Elementary OS.

Generating Descriptive Statistics in Python

Descriptive statistics are on way to approach a sample; here’s how to generate and apply them in Python, with and without SciPy.

Improve SQLite Write Speed in Python

A guide to going async.

Installing LaTeX on Elementary OS

A guide to installing LaTeX and related packages on Elementary OS.

Performing a Chi-Squared Goodness of Fit Test in Python

The chi-squared goodness of fit test or Pearson’s chi-squared test is used to assess whether a set of categorical data is consistent with proposed values for the parameters.

Installing Atom on Elementary OS

The Atom text editor is not included in the standard Debian/Ubuntu package repositories, and it isn’t present in the Elementary OS-specific repositories, either. Here’s how to install it anyway.

Auto-Mounting a Partition in Linux (Mint)

Manually mounting external partitions is a pain. Automate the process with fstab.

Numerical Integration in Python

Numerical integration aims to find the area under a curve without using analytical methods. Here it is in Python.

That, Which, and That Which

A synopsis of the usage of that, which, and that which.